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Pros and cons of boys:

  • Con: They’re dicks
  • Pro: Their dicks

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you know what, if PoC point out how their depictions in a work are not only inaccurate, but can actively harm them, and you’re willfully ignorant and prioritize your sympathies toward the white creator, because oh my god it must be so hard for them to write PoC, why can’t you have more sympathy, can’t you see they’re trying, do you want white authors to stop trying—

you need to take a good long look on why you would prioritize the feelings of one white person who didn’t do their research over those of an entire group who has to deal with the stereotypes/fetishization their crap depictions perpetuate.

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dont you love that feeling where you and your best friend are just with each other laughing so hard at something so simple and you can’t breathe and its just feels like the whole world just goes in slow motion and you just feel pure happiness and you just are so full of brightness and everything is funny and you feel like everything is going to be okay and anything is possible 

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World Population : 7,810,521,683 

just in case somebody start feelin too important

7,810,521,682 and me


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YES, there are people who find cultural appropriation and the use of slurs “ok” with them.

Does that mean it’s “ok” to do it to EVERYONE, even if they might be personally offended by it?


Also it is very important to realize that your irl friends saying this shit is ok may be out of a desire to not start drama and get into arguments. I fucking detest when straight people say faggot but I have a few straight friends who do and it is just not worth the shit to tell them to stop.

also white friends have called me nigga before as a ~*~*funny cool friendly friend joke*~*~ and i didnt even bother to tell them to stop because i have told white friends not to say it countless times before and they refused to or said they would stop and just kept saying it behind my back so i just thought “whats the point”

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RED HOTproject by Thomas Knights

Showcasing a positive outlook on the red-haired male, and aiming to re-brand the ginger male stereotype along the way.

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